We unlock your business's digital potential by transforming your vision into an online masterpiece

Growing a trade business is tough. We are your businesses gateway that builds the bridge to connect you to endless opportunities, relieve stress, and unleash unstoppable growth.

What we do.

We elevate construction and trade businesses to unprecedented growth. At our core, we specialize in empowering construction and trade businesses to flourish online, breaking free from sole reliance on word-of-mouth or untrusty platforms such as Checkatrade or my builder. Discover a world of endless opportunities that many trade businesses have yet to explore. At Webhex, we are the trusted agency that constructs the necessary bridge, empowering these businesses to unleash their full potential and achieve remarkable growth.

Who we help.

We specialise in helping trade and construction companies take over the online space. We are here for you to take control of the success of your business. We understand tackling the online space isn’t easy so we are here to help you do that. And do it right. We focus on longevity so you can grow your business with the endless opportunities the digital space creates. We take over the digital/marketing side of the business so your time is freed on other crucial areas.

Is your trade not on the list? No worries! Just reach out to us and I am sure we can help!


Construction/ trade specialists – With a decade of construction experience coupled with 7 years of web design expertise, we possess the perfect blend to help your trade company thrive like never before.

Business Configuration

Distinguished from corporate marketing and digital agencies, we genuinely care and treat you as a valued individual. Experience personalized one-on-one attention, and bid farewell to unnecessary premiums. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Full Customisation

Unlock the full potential of your company's vision with a custom website and strong online presence. We will bring your brand's vision to life with a website that perfectly aligns with your aspirations.


Skyrocketing premiums and costly monthly subscriptions make running a business nearly impossible. At Webhex, we offer packages tailored to fit everyone's budget, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.


Using locked-in third-party services like Checkatrade can take you only so far. The downside is that if you ever decide to cancel your subscription, you lose EVERYTHING.

Ashley Game

Hi I am Ash the owner of Webhex Media Ltd. I’ve been in the construction industry for 10 years working as a painter and decorator and have completed my level 2 electrical installation, soon to complete my level 3. I am also a full-time web developer and created my first limited company “Tecsense” in 2017. As you know in trade you meet a lot of people from all different specialties. I’ve seen all the struggles and barriers people face when building and expanding a business. After helping friends and families get their trade business online, I have seen the opportunity it creates.

There is a gap in the market for this and I want to help tradesmen like you. So if you want to grow, expand and stop relying on word of mouth or untrustworthy companies then we are the people for you.

Custom website

Unleash marketing power with a bespoke website that generates leads. From tender requests to a centralized hub for all leads, we make any idea happen. We will even guide you with innovative designs tailored to your company's brand.


Brand your business so you have a recognizable identity and stand out from the crowd. A strong brand conveys company values, and promises and helps build trust, credibility, and loyalty. This will ultimately influence customers' perception of your business.

Future proof structure

We provide free revisions to ensure your website stays up-to-date and in line with the latest technology and designs. Stay on trend with innovative and efficient tools to allow your business to grow without extra effort.

Lead generator

We can create an all-in-one lead system, ensuring your leads are centralized, making everything smoother and stress-free. Not only is a smooth lead genitor vital for successful marketing it also maximizes conversion rates improving the growth of your business.

Paid Per Click

We can create an all-in-one lead system, ensuring your leads are centralized, making everything smoother and stress-free. Not only is a smooth lead genitor vital for successful marketing it also maximizes conversion rates improving the growth of your business.


Is your website found on Google? We can provide the SEO so your customers can find you. We will walk you through the process (if you want) so you are no longer in the dark and know where your budget is going.


SSL Certificate (the green padlock). ICO compliant (your data is protected and your website is safe). Server setup and configuration, with 24/7 support and security. DNS protection - Keep your website online and safe from attackers and threats.

Google Setup

Boost rankings with a Google business page for customer visibility. Get a custom email for professionalism and trust. You will no longer need to use emails such as @ntlworld and @yahoo, as let's be real these don’t shout professional to your customers.


Bill Game
Bill GameDirector - BGDecorators
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Ever since I started working with Webhex, I no longer reply of just word of mouth and no longer use my builder. I don’t pay large fees every month. I no longer get outbid from quotes cheaper than mine. I can now charge my worth and get the jobs I want. Thanks to Webhex, I am now ranked at the top in my hometown and I have enough inquiries for full-time work.  Trusting Webhex was one of the best decisions I've made. I couldn't be happier with the results!"
Steven ODonoghue
Steven ODonoghueDirector - Archway Plumbing & Heating
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Webhex, the web design agency, has been a game-changer for my business, Archway Plumbing and Heating. Their team created a stunning website that perfectly showcases our services and values. Since launching the new site, we've experienced a significant increase in leads and customer inquiries. Webhex's SEO strategies have also boosted our online visibility, placing us at the top of relevant search results. The seamless user experience they designed has led to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business. Working with Webhex was a breeze – their professionalism and dedication to our success were evident throughout the process. I highly recommend them for any web design needs.
Juan Bailey
Juan BaileyDirector - Bricks Estate Agents
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I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Ashley Game, the owner of Webhex. Ashley recently designed and built a website for my company, Bricks Estate Agents, and I must say that his work has been nothing short of exceptional. From the very beginning, Ashley displayed a high level of professionalism and expertise. He took the time to understand our specific requirements and vision for the website and then translated that into a stunning design that perfectly captured the essence of our brand. His attention to detail and ability to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website is truly commendable. What sets Ashley apart from others in the industry is his extensive knowledge and understanding of website design. He stayed up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that our website not only looked great but also functioned flawlessly. His expertise in optimizing the website for search engines has also greatly improved our online visibility and organic traffic. Throughout the entire process, Ashley was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive, communicative, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. His dedication to delivering a high-quality product was evident in every aspect of his work. I wholeheartedly recommend Ashley Game and Webhex to anyone in need of a professional and top-notch website design. His skills, knowledge, and commitment to excellence make him the best in the industry. I am extremely grateful for his outstanding work and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.


Let’s start growing your trades business today!


Let's get you up and running!
£ £1,299
  • Mobile first - Built to display perfectly on all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Branded - Fully designed to your brand
  • Future proofed - Expandable so easy to add to as your business changes and grows
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimised design
  • Fully managed - Webhex will fully manage your website
  • Free hosting - Hosting included for first 12 months
  • 10x monthly revisions - Request up to 10 changes to your site per month (images, text etc..)
  • Google my business set up
  • SSL certificate


Let's dominate!
£ £2,999
  • Everything in starter
  • Multiple page designs
  • 8 hours of content – copy creation, image sourcing
  • Blog/News

Looking for something bespoke? We can build from the ground up and integrate existing systems.

Opting for a fully tailor-made build is the perfect solution for businesses that are unique, substantial, or intricately complex. Our team of experts will collaborate closely with you, comprehending your business inside out, and subsequently strategizing, designing, and constructing a website that not only captivates your target audience but also enhances conversions and bolsters your commercial objectives.

Let's talk.


Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all template websites like Wix or Squarespace that fail to showcase your unique brand vision. With limited design options, it becomes challenging to present yourself just the way you envision to your ideal clients.

Moreover, Wix further restricts customisations, preventing you from using your brand’s colours, fonts, and designs. This leaves you lost in a sea of competitive websites, devoid of your distinct identity. But fear not, there’s a better way!

Absolutely!! Custom websites stops the bidding for contact details or customer leads. A personal recurrence but it am sure your can relate. Ever had it when you spend 20-30 pounds on a lead, didn’t get the job. Or even worse spent 20- 30 pounds to reveal a contact number to discover it doesn’t even work.

A custom website stops this from happens as you have the full control. The clients come to you.

It really depends on your vision. There is definitely a package suited for everyone. It’s best to jump on a free call to discuss this.

If your business isn’t online in 2023 you are falling behind. Every other business is on there. It’s weird that the trade industry still reply in third party companies to present your brand to your customers. Replying on you finding customers rather than how it should be, the customer coming to you. In 2023, the truth is that your brand should be presented online exactly as you envision it. This is how you build customer trust and a true business presence. Embracing this path is the key to achieving growth and long-lasting success.

Yes, you can pay in three monthly instalments if you wish to do so.